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For the past two decades ISM has been revolutionising the way the Irish real estate sector thinks about telecommunications and their property.

As the first firm of its type in Ireland, ISM began by creating new revenue streams by leveraging underutilised segments of property portfolios, and leasing them to blue chip telecommunication service providers.

Our genesis projects saw us harnessing revenue streams from the deployment of mobile phone base stations across the roof tops of Ireland’s leading developers, property firms and our multi-national client base.

In 2004, ISM matured its offering by developing one of the first privately managed fibre optic networks in Ireland on a 50 acre mixed use development site. Adhering to our central mission of turning underutilised infrastructure into performing assets, ISM transformed the way communication services can be delivered throughout mix-use, high density, campus style developments.

Fast forward 15 years, and ISM continues to innovate and expand our asset enhancement & management programmes while breaking into to new and exciting areas such as Mobile Coverage Solutions and Data Distribution.

Our experience in these highly specialised real estate services is unrivalled, and we remain the one true independent source to bridge telecommunication infrastructure requirements with that of Irish real estate and development.  

What we do

ROOF TOP MANAGEMENT: We are Ireland’s leading specialist in urban roof top asset management for mobile phone base stations sites... Read more

MANAGED FIBRE NETWORKS: We are a specialist in strategically master planning your development to enhance the efficient delivery of all modern telecommunications to its occupants... Read more

MOBILE COVERAGE SOLUTIONS: With today’s innovations in design and construction together with abundant use of modern building materials, developers are now faced with augmenting mobile phone coverage in their developments, not just in commercial sector, but also in Private Rental Sector. ISM has spent the last 2 years sourcing and developing solutions for both sectors, using the best in class technology at a budget that suits the project’s parameters... Read more

DATA DISTRIBUTION: The development of Private Rental Sector units in the Irish market is changing the way to think about how to distribute broadband and television services to it occupants. ISM is at the forefront of this change... Read more

ADVISORY SERVICES: ISM provides a full array of advisory solutions for clients who are looking to achieve greater cost efficiencies and improved performance for all of their telecom needs and projects – voice, data, and wireless... Read more



Superquinn in 2001,

ISM was selected to manage the portfolio of roof tops for the Superquinn Group Properties, which consisted of 19 shopping centres across the country. By 2004 we had successfully managed the installation of over 30 mobile base stations on sites in the portfolio, generating a revenue stream in excess of €500,000 per annum.


Spencer Dock in 2006,

ISM embarked on an unprecedented project to strategically manage all of the telecommunication components within a 50 acre site. 10 years on, we’re proud to boast one of the most successful projects ever achieved in this specialised area of telecommunication asset enhancement.

ISM successfully implemented a managed fibre optic network, an in-building distributed antenna solution and a mobile roof top site, making Spencer Dock the most connected development in Ireland. We connect over 10 multi-national companies, serving a 6,000 strong work force and over 1,000 residents, using over 15 different wireless and fixed telecommunication service providers.

Convention Centre in 2010,

ISM completed the installation of an indoor mobile coverage solution for Ireland’s national convention centre where we installed Ireland’s fist active DAS solution to cater for all 4 of Irelands mobile operators.


Grattan Property in 2008,

ISM was handed the opportunity to take on the asset management for one of the largest privately owned portfolios of mobile roof top sites which included the former Burlington Hotel, Montrose Hotel, Tara Towers Hotel, the Ormond Hotel and the Longford Shopping Centre. We successfully grew the portfolio of rooftop sites by 200% over the ensuing 5 years.

Elmpark in 2007,

ISM began its second masterplan project at Elmpark. Complimenting one of Ireland's new state of the art developments, ISM installed their industry changing managed fibre optic ring. 12 years later, we are now integrating a multi-operator mobile roof top site to parallel Elmpark’s state of the art architectural achievement, with high end connectivity for over 2,000 commercial and residential occupants.


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