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Managed Fibre Networks

We call our system the Open Access Platform™ to reflect its neutrality and our dedication to freedom of choice, as demanded by today’s cost conscious consumers. With our Open Access Platform™ you simply install our cost effective and high capacity network. This happens cleanly, quickly, and without any messy or disruptive civil works. In a busy working environment this is a real and tangible advantage.

We are proud to say that we now carry telecommunication service providers from Ireland, the UK and the United States across our networks.

We serve over 10 multinational companies along with 2 government departments and over 1000 residential units.

Wherever telecommunications service providers need access to new customers, an investment in the Open Access Platform ™ will guarantee a steady stream of revenue for the forward thinking developer.

Open Access Platforms ™ are


Our “blown fibre” system is easier and cheaper to install than conventional communications infrastructure. We estimate approximately one third the cost of a conventional system.


By leasing the system to the service providers, it will pay for itself and carry on generating revenue into the future. Presently, ISM is delivering returns on investment to our clients in excess of 150%.


ISM will manage your system by dealing directly with the service providers on your behalf. Our years of experience in the field of telecommunications will guarantee the best available rates at all times.


Our state of the art monitoring system will alert us immediately in the event of damage to the system. Our resilient and diverse design means there should be no interruption to service in all but the most disastrous of occurrences.


In a campus style environment where multiple tenants occupy a high density environment, the presence of our Open Access Platform™ can also be particularly advantageous to the tenant and as well as the developer. By offering the tenant access to their service provider of choice without the need for costly and disruptive civil works in order to do so.